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Let The Children Ignite The Legacy

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OUT Of the BOX

Welcome to Ezra’s T.O.R.C.H, LLC, (Triumph. Operative. Reform. Courageous.  Humanitarian.) your number one source for all private academic learning and online lessons. We're dedicated to giving you the very best of out-of-the box learning services, with a focus on Individual pace, IEP and BIP pace learning. Ezra's TORCH uses an "outside of the box" approach to educational learning, making it possible for our children to have a step-by-step pace learning. As all children do not learn the same way - "visual spatial learners", we believe that through encouragement and enthusiasm it can help build  them to be innovative learners to excel in any academic subject 


Founded in (2020) by Milo Evans Jr, Ezra’s T.O.R.C.H, LLC has come a long way from its beginnings in Southern California (Los Angeles County) Antelope Valley. The TORCH ignited when he became an educator passing down his knowledge, patience, time and rigor.  When Milo first began his career in education, it became a passion and a habit to serve the undeserved communities through private lessons and even in music, which he has 15 years of experience in, along w/ his ABA experience in Behavioral Health (i.e. helping parents be more confident in their child’s progress, providing the best fun, energetic, and qualitative learning methods).  Milo Evans Jr,  is experienced in K-8th grade in multiple subjects.  Beyond all the accolades, he is solemnly dedicated in helping your children thrive and encourage them to be great beyond what they could only imagine.  We hope you enjoy our private learning experience as much as we enjoy offering such services for the community. 


Milo Evans Jr, Founder 

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